Project Expenditure

First A.P.O. for the year 1997-98 entailed the works and other activities corresponding nearly to Rs. 4.00 crore. During the visit of the supervision mission during April-1997 it was suggested that the A.P.O. for 1997-98 could be enhanced if needed so that the backlog could be completed. Accordingly a revised A.P.O. of approximately Rs. 6.00 crore was submitted which was approved. However for some reason, the release of grant from Government of India was delayed and finally Rs. 278.20 lakh was utilised during the year 1997-98.

In the year 1998-99 an A.P.O. for Rs. 598.75 lakh was prepared and submitted but Government of Gujarat made a budget provision of Rs. 400.35 lakh only. Government of India released the budget grant to the tune of Rs. 193.17 lakh in the month of August-98 which included 81.9 lakh revalidated funds of 1997-98. However, works are in progress and till the end of March-1999 financial achievement is Rs. 325.56 lakh. The Govt. of Gujarat issued resolution of India Eco-development Project for Rs. 400.35 lakh vide No.: WLP/309711805-G(93) dated 22-1-99. Since the inception of the project till March 1999 a total of Rs. 603.76 lakhs has been spent.

In the year 1999-2000 an APO for Rs. 830 lakh was prepared and submitted to the World Bank which has been approved. But the Govt. of Gujarat made a budget provision of Rs. 400.35 lakh only and issued resolution vide No. WLP / 3098 / 12093 IG(74) dated. 19-8-99 and works are in progress accordingly. The Govt. of India released the fund of Rs.689.20 lakh in two equal installments against the sanctioned APO.

Till the end of March-2000 an expenditure of Rs. 472.52 lakhs has been incurred under various activities of the project. Beside this, extra expenditure of Rs. 82.66 lakh incurred during 1998-99 has been adjusted during the year 1999-2000. The unspent amount of Rs. 134.02 lakhs is likely to be revalidated for incurring during 2000-2001.

Year Amount of Approved APOFund released by GOIBudgetary provision made by GOGExpenditure incurredRevalidation
1998-99598.75325.07400.35325.56(+) 0.49 
+ 82.66
Ext. Exp.
of 98-99
  GOI has been requested to revalidate the remaining amount of Rs. 134.02 vide this office letter No. ECO/ 11/B/437-39 dt. 17-4-2000
Item of WorksFund released By GOIExpenditure incurred
Year 1997-98
T-102 Improved PA Mgt.150.00209.93
T-202 Village Eco-dev.138.0036.81
T-302 Env. Edu. & Awareness29.0016.10
T-402 Impact monitoring & research43.1215.38
TOTAL for 1997-98360.12278.22
Year 1998-99
T-102 Improved PA Mgt.128.65137.74
T-202 Village Eco-dev.167.20170.77
T-302 Env. Edu. & Awareness6.923.25
T-4U2 Impact Monitoring research22.3013.80
TOTAL for 1998-99325.07325.56
Year 1999-2000
T-102 Improved P A Mgt.156.50143.28
T-202 Village Eco-dev.485.20307.11
T-302 Env. Edu. & Awareness7.004.66
T-402 Impact monitoring & research40.5017.47
TOTAL for 1999-2000 up to Aug.-99689.20472.52